Through the Mirror, Tales from Childhood

Siobhan Lamb - Composer

I am always working towards creating greater interest for music. I wanted to create a piece that would appeal to both children and adults.

With Tales Through the Mirror, I wanted to further develop the notion of the musician as character and to celebrate that each of the members of the ensemble have a solo movement.

Music by Siobhan Lamb
Libretto by Gregory Warren Wilson
Soprano voice – Flea: Sofie Elkjær Jensen
Alto voice – Mouse: Stine Schmidt
Tenor voice – Bull: Sune Hjerrild
Baritone voice – Ant: Simon Duus
Violin I – Grasshopper: Helge Slaatto
Violin II – Tortoise: Kuno Kjaerbye
Viola – Ass: Anette Slaatto
Cello – Crow: Ursula Smith
Trumpet – Frog: Gerard Presencer
Saxophone – Fox: Helge Albin
Percussion – Hare: Lennart Gruvstedt
Harp – Dragonfly: Anneke Hodnett

Apart from the solo movements the singers serve to describe the story and emotion of the piece as do the instrumentalists. During the performance, we used head dresses as a theatrical element to further emphasise the role of soloist. I enjoyed the juxtaposition of more formal concert dress with the pantomine like quality of the head dresses.

Gregory Warren Wilson was the ideal librettist to work with, as both a superb musician and wordsmith. Head dresses designed by Kirsten Brink.