The Nightingale and the the Rose

Danish Radio Big Band

This is the story of a Nightingale who sacrificed his life for the sake of true love……

The Nightingale and the Rose was originally commissioned by Lucas Schmidt for the WDR Big band and choir in Germany.

Compositions for big bands and classical choirs are seldom seen, and the idea behind the piece  was not to merge the different approaches of the Big band and Choir , but instead to celebrate them.

The piece was performed by the Danish Radio Big Band in January 2011 in Christians Kirke and it has recently been recorded for release on Proprius Naxos 2012.

The Nightingale and the Rose is an example of the diversity of the DR Big Band – when the musicians of the band join forces with the 40 professional singers from DR Concert Choir in order to share the Oscar Wilde story.